This week in music we read Eric Carle’s book, I See a Song. The book explains how the narrator can hear colors and see music. When you close your eyes, what do you see or think about when you listen to music? We drew our own pictures in response to the music we heard.

We also partner danced to classical music.

Third and Fourth Grades

Ahoy! We have begun learning lyrics, melody, and movements for each song in our Spring Musical, “Pirates! The Musical.” In addition to learning the music, we continuously work on correct singing posture and breath control. We also learn several different music terms as they appear in our music.


Last week in music, we learned the song, “Pass This Shoe” and played a game. This is not only a fun singing game, but also helps to teach different tempos, allowing us to practice singing this song at various speeds. We learned Largo, Andante, Allegro, and Presto.